The Pizza Plant Menu

Unbeknownst to Pizza Plant, I have scanned their menu, so that we can more easily order from them. (I'm sure they'll be devastated!)

I am not responsible for the accuracy of the menu.

Note: This is menu from mid 1996.
They have since changed their menu (a few items changed/added/deleted; prices mostly increased slightly.)

Please Note: Prices and descriptions subject to change without notice.

  • Appetizers. Salads.
  • Stuffed Pizza. Flat Pizza
  • Pods. The Extras.
  • Pasta. Sandwich Board.
  • Desserts. Drinks.
  • To order, call or FAX:

    Northtown Plaza
    Sometime in November 1997, they closed the Northtown Plaza branch :-(

    Transit Square
    8020 Transit by Maple
    Williamsville, NY
    FAX: 632-4531
    Phone: 632-0800

    Walker Center
    5110 Main Street
    Williamsville, NY
    FAX: 626-0076
    Phone: 626-5566

    Or order through TakeOut Taxi: 631-2222

    (For the SysAdmin Lunch - just email your order to kensmith.)

    (For the NT Lunch - just email your order to chugh.)